Adaptive Learning Methods in Internet-Education. Theory and practice

  • 2010-03-08

The KFS (Knowledge Flow Structure) model of knowledge representation, allows to create individual, flexible, interactive, hypermedia Internet

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Internet-learning should support new quality of education. The KFS (Knowledge Flow Structure) model of knowledge representation, developed by author allows to create individual, flexible, interactive, hypermedia Internet - course and organize effective, adaptive Internet-learning. Internet Learning System HECADEM, developed on the base KFS, provides up-to-date level in educational institutions applying modern information technologies.

HECADEM system’s tools enable users:

  • to create, to develop, and to facilitate adaptable educational courses;
  • to study Internet- course according to student’s ability;
  • to teach students according to Internet course;
  • to administer and to manage educational process effectively.

The architecture of HECADEM system corresponds to DATA WAREHOUSE concept. It allows to make the intellectual analysis of educational process according to different aspects of DATA MINING. Internet Learning System HECADEM has been working since 1998 and version 4.0 should be ready to May, 2010.


Prof. Dr. Galina Kurganskaya is a full professor of Information Technology, Head of IT department, Baikal School of International Business, Irkutsk State University, Russia. Her current research interests include Knowledge Representation, Intellectual Data Analysis, Information Technology, Internet Technology and Internet Learning. She is Chair of the annual regional workshop “Knowledge management”. Internet Learning System HECADEM, developed under the leadership of Galina Kurganskaya, has been implemented into education institutions of Russia, and is the base of the several international projects, including Master Degree in Knowledge Management (2006) and Russian-Chinese collaboration in business – education (2009).


Contact person at TU Vienna: Ao.Univ.Prof. Margit Pohl, Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology

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