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Jobs: Student Staff for Communications & DevOps

  • 2023-08-17
  • Students

TU Wien Informatics is hiring a part-time member of our Communications team.

Jobs: Student Staff for Communications & DevOps
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TU Wien Informatics is offering an exciting opportunity for a student to join our Communications team. In our diverse environment, team members regularly wear many hats.

Your Job

In this role, you participate in equal parts in event management, tech, and overall communications work:

  • Insights in and support of running our tech infrastructure: You support our DevOps Engineer, provide production-level IT, and implement security policies. There is plenty of room to apply skills from your studies and to learn from new insights.
  • Support event management: In collaboration with our Event Manager, you help organize our events and participate in a wide range of operational project tasks. You’ll learn how to throw events in an academic context, involving insights into event & project management, contact management and more.
  • Enhance the team with your knowledge: You support our team’s efforts to improve and streamline our communications work. This includes everything from supporting process automation, over fixing the occasional Mac or Windows problem, all the way to ordering event-related print products and creating the occasional assets for social media.

On the tech side, our goal is to ensure that things run smoothly. We try to anticipate and mitigate potential issues before they occur. We want our infrastructure to be as boring and reliable as possible. We’re mostly a Linux and Mac shop and our tech stack includes much containerization and automation.

On the event management and communications side, we aim to present TU Wien Informatics in a holistic and approachable fashion; through events, press, design, social media, and more. As a key support role within our dynamic event landscape, you help our Event Manger in a wide range of adventures – ranging from academic lectures and award presentations to student-focused events and internal gatherings. You also participate in invitation management and help maintain our contacts database to ensure robust and effective communication with all our stakeholders.

We promise a mindful onboarding process; we’re an eager and friendly team, keen to answer your questions and learn from your input. Our team’s agenda is quite far ranging and multi-faceted. We like open discussions, concise communication, and asynchronous collaboration within the team. We are 100% respectful of your academic career, but at the same time would like to emphasize that we’re only looking for candidates who can honestly commit their full energy for 20h/week to this position.

Your Profile

If you thrive on mastering technical details, yet cherish flexibility and the opportunity to acquire knowledge in diverse domains, then this role is perfect for you. A fusion of communications, events, and tech might appear unconventional, but in our dynamic environment, we value someone who can think outside the box. We’re looking for someone eager to learn and able to thrive in this intersection of domains. We don’t expect you to know everything from day one, but we do expect commitment and a keen interest in the diverse tasks of a communications department – be it technical, events-, or content-related.

You need to be an enrolled student in Informatics (“Studienfeld Informatik”, which includes all study programs in “Informatik”, “Wirtschaftsinformatik” & “Technische Informatik”). This position is initially for 1 year, with an option to extend (up to 4 years, but not exceeding your graduation). TU Wien Informatics is an international faculty, and most of our team’s output and internal communication are in English. Therefore, fluency in both English and German is a must.

How to Apply

We’re looking for a unique individual to fill a unique position, so please don’t just send us your CV along with a generic cover letter. Instead, tell us about yourself! We’re also curious about your language excellence, so please write half of your text in German, and half in English. There’s no need to submit early; we won’t evaluate any applications until the deadline has arrived. Take your time, and get across what matters to you. We promise you’ll have our full attention!

Sounds interesting, right? We look forward to meeting you!

Please submit your application via the TU Wien Jobs Portal until October 12, 2023.

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