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To count as human. Gender-based inclusion and exclusion in digital technologies

  • 2022-04-01
  • Research
  • Social Responsibility

Lecture by Katta Spiel on the complex interplay of gender and digital technology - part of the ÖAW event series ‘Colloquium Digitale’.

To count as human. Gender-based inclusion and exclusion in digital technologies


If you want to participate in the on-site event, please register here. The lecture is also broadcasted via Live-Stream.


Katta Spiel, post-doc at the Human-Computer Interaction Group at TU Wien Informatics, researches the implications of unfairly distributed datasets with regard to Big Data and machine learning. Spiel will shed particular light on gender-based inclusions and exclusions in digital technologies in a talk as part of the Colloquium Digitale series.

When we think of gender and technologies, we think primarily of the representation of women and men. But how are non-binary genders, those that do not refer to women or men, technologically negotiated? What are the implications for machine learning approaches and big data handling if only what is represented in traditional databases is considered valid?

Katta Spiel addresses questions like these as a post-doctoral researcher at TU Wien Informatics and as a lecturer in the master’s program in Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. Spiel is concerned with marginalized perspectives on technology at the intersections of computer science, design, and critical theory. It is precisely these interfaces that Katta Spiel illuminates in a lecture at the invitation of the ÖAW. In “Counting as a Human. Gender-based Inclusions and Exclusions in Digital Technologies,” Spiel raises awareness of the implications of unfairly distributed data sets using gender as an example and how these change what it means to count as a human being.

The lecture will be part of the ÖAW’s Colloquium Digitale event series “Digitization, People and Society,” which aims to advance the dialogue on digitization and artificial intelligence in various public-oriented formats, focusing primarily on actively shaping the digital transformation.

On the afternoon of April 1, the ÖAW will also be hosting a virtual symposium on gender bias in technology development within the same framework.

  • PDF / 720 KB / Einladungsblatt-Colloqium-Digitale-dt-Katta-Spiel-V03-02-2022.pdf

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