Evolution in the Large and in the Small in Model-Driven Development

  • 2009-10-22
  • Research

The development of software systems as a mean to leverage abstraction and render business logic resilient to technological changes is increasing.

Die Business Informatics Group lädt gemeinsam mit der Fakultät für Informatik der TU Wien und der Österreichischen Computer Gesellschaft ein.


Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is increasingly gaining acceptance in the development of software systems as a mean to leverage abstraction and render business logic resilient to technological changes. Coordinated collections of models and modeling languages are used to describe applications on different abstraction levels and from different perspectives. In general, both models and metamodels are not preserved from the evolutionary pressure which inevitably affects almost any artifacts, possibly causing a cascade of adaptations which severely affects the modeling languages or the model population.

This talk analyzes the different kinds of co-adaptations which are required, distinguishing among co-evolution in the large and in the small. In particular, the coupling between models and metamodels implies that when a metamodel undergoes a modification, the conforming models require to be accordingly co-adapted. Analogously, whenever a new version of a model is produced, the generated application may require an explicit adaptation of the generated artifacts, especially when specific assets are not directly reflected by the models and transformations, as for instance when dealing with serialized objects or with page content which is persistently stored in a database.


Alfonso Pierantonio is Associate Professor in computer science at the University of L Aquila (Italy), he is currently director of the Master in Web Technology degree program. His current research interests include model-driven engineering and in particular the theory and practice of model versioning/evolution in the current generic modeling platforms. In particular, he investigated the problem of co-evolution in EMOF-based systems trying to build the basis for a complete automation of the model adaptation procedure. He has been and is currently part of program and organization committees of conferences and has been among the initiators and in the steering committee of the International Conference on Model Transformation (ICMT). He co-edited several special issues on Model Transformations which appeared on Science of Computer Programming and are going to appear on the Intl. Journal of Software and Systems Modeling. Additional information can be found on his webpages.

Kontaktperson an der TU Wien

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  • Prof. Dr. Alfonso Pierantonio, Universita degli Studi dell’Aquila, Dipartimento di Informatica

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