Opening of the Vienna PhD School of Informatics

  • 2009-10-14
  • Research
  • News

Guest Speaker: Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia, Professor of Computer Science, University of Trento


17:00 — OPENING of the Vienna PhD School of Informatics

  • Prof. Sabine Seidler, Vice Rector of TU Vienna
  • Renate Brauner, Vice Mayor of the City of Vienna
  • Prof. Gerald Steinhardt, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics
  • Prof. Hannes Werthner, Director of the Vienna PhD School of Informatics


  • Future of Information and Communication Technology: Research, Higher Education and Innovation
  • Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia, Professor of Computer Science, University of Trento


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has fundamentally changed our economy and society. Also, this process is going to continue. Consequently, the talk will take a look into the expected future of ICT (with short, medium and long term developments) as well as its impact on society. These considerations will serve to identify challenges for high quality research and academic education. These developments can also be mapped to the innovation chain, up to the regional and national deployment of products / services to end users.

The talk will also present such a user-centric innovation model, called “TAsLab: Trentino as a Laboratory” (more in general: “Territory as a Laboratory”), that we have successfully deployed in the Trentino region during the last years.


Fausto Giunchiglia currently is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Trento. Previously he studied or had positions at the University of Genoa, Stanford University, Edinburgh University and IRST (Trento). He is a member of the ECCAI Fellows Selection Committee, member of the IJCAI Board of Trustees, President of IJCAI, President and Advisory Board member of KR, Inc.

Giunchiglia’s main research interests are knowledge representation, context and reasoning with context, knowledge management and peer-to-peer knowledge, formal methods, theorem proving and model checking. Most of the work has been centred on managing diversity and how it can be formalized when modelling computer systems and people. He has published 10 books, over 60 journal papers and over 175 international conference proceedings and books chapters. At the moment, he is in charge of defining the Italian national research plan in ICT for the next three years.


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