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  • By Robert Sablatnig
  • 2021-10-28
  • Social Responsibility

TU Wien Informatics provides expertise for the development of an anonymous, mobile verification app for guests and organizers.


A team of scientists from TU Wien Informatics has implemented the GEMMA app in a startup company in Bernstein (Oberwart district, Burgenland). Prof. Werthner from the research unit E-Commerce, who is already retired, provided the overall concept and ensured that only the necessary personal data is processed and stored in this app. Prof. Sablatnig, head of the research unit Computer Vision, and his team participated in the evaluation of the image data so that it can be used as a basis for access. The agile software development was also led by a TU Wien graduate, Dipl. Ing. Krüpl-Sypien.

GEMMA is a web-based app that can be accessed via the internet browser on smartphones at https://gemma.jetzt/. GEMMA enables access without carrying a printed ID card and COVID19 verification document - EHC-compliant PCR test certificate or vaccination certificate. Access is therefore quick, anonymous, and, above all, secure. This is made possible by registering conveniently from home, specifying and confirming the login data, photographing the driver’s license, passport, or ID card, and a valid 3-G certificate (EHC-compliant PCR test certificate or vaccination certificate) with the cell phone. The system stores the login data once, extracts the photo from the ID card, analyzes and verifies it using a few selected security features, and assigns the 3G certificate after analysis. A QR code is generated from this, enabling access with the corresponding reader app at the event organizer/operator. However, the inspectors only see the photo of the person and the certificate’s validity; neither the name nor the date of birth is displayed, as the photo is used as identification. GEMMA processes personal data and images of ID cards and certificates completely encrypted and stores them securely on domestic servers.

The GEMMA app has already been successfully tested and used at the Novarock Encore Festival in Wiener Neustadt and is in regular use in handball at the Oberwart Gunners, where visitors can gain access with a photo - but still anonymously - in just a few seconds.

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