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Silvia Miksch Inducted into Visualization Academy

  • By Claudia Vitt
  • 2020-10-29
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In the field of visualization, the induction into the Vis Academy is the highest and most prestigious honor.

Silvia Miksch Inducted into Visualization Academy

Silvia Miksch, head of our research unit Visual Analytics, was inducted to the IEEE VGTC Visualization Academy (Vis Academy). Induction into the Vis Academy is the highest and most prestigious honor in the field of visualization, and we congratulate Silvia on this outstanding achievement.

The IEEE Computer Society is the premier source for information, inspiration, and collaboration in computer science and engineering. Connecting members worldwide, the Computer Society empowers the people who advance technology by delivering tools for individuals at all stages of their professional careers. The Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee is part of the IEEE and promotes research in computer graphics, visualization, and virtual reality, as well as their application to science, engineering, business, and the arts.

The World of Visual Computing

Since visual computing encompasses a wide field of research and practice in visualization and computer graphics, each area is represented by a special international VGTC conference—visual analytics (VAST), information visualization (InfoVis), scientific visualization (SciVis), virtual reality, and 3D user interfaces (VR), augmented and mixed reality (ISMAR), visualization of large and big data (LDAV), visualization of biological data (BioVis), and mixed topics on visualization and computer graphics (PacificVis and EuroVis).

The Knighthood of Visualization

The IEEE Visualization Academy (Vis Academy) was established by the IEEE VGTC Executive Committee in 2018. It is a prestigious academy, the so-called “hall of fame” of visualization technology, plus the visualization fellows assembly. It will highlight the accomplishments of the research leaders of the field of visualization that will indirectly underscore the entire field’s achievements. Besides being an honorary academy, the academy will be called upon to provide technical leadership, mentoring and fostering new talents, and other community services, as necessary.

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