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  • 2019-07-05
  • Research
  • e-Health

A guest talk by Prof Predrag Klasjna, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute & University of Michigan as part of the TEAM ITN Summer School

Abstract: Mobile health and e-health research often takes two primary forms: early-stage pilot studies, intended to evaluate system feasibility or user experiences with a new intervention, and randomized controlled trials, which aim to rigorously assess the efficacy or effectiveness of a health technology. Yet, both of these methods have significant limitations in terms of their ability to inform future research and intervention development. Over the last few years, my colleagues and I have been developing methods, including micro-randomized trials and agile science, intended to address these limitations by enabling researchers to conduct studies that produce robust evidence about individual intervention components. This evidence is “usable” in the sense that it can be readily used to optimize the interventions being tested, to inform the design of future interventions, and to study the mechanisms that mediate the desired distal heath outcomes. Just as importantly, these studies are highly resource-efficient, allowing quick idea testing and design iteration. In this talk I will describe our approach and illustrate it with examples from a number of recent mHealth projects.

Bio: Predrag Klasnja, PhD, studies ways in which mobile-health (mHealth) interventions can help individuals develop healthy habits and sustain them over the long-term. To achieve these goals, Dr. Klasnja develops and evaluates mHealth tools intended to keep people engaged with their health goals, discover opportunities for healthy behavior they can do in their current situation, and reflect on their behavior patterns to identify ways to improve their health without disrupting relationships and routines that are important to them.



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