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Talk: The Science & Engineering of National Security

  • 2019-03-14
  • Research

The Business Informatics Group invites to a talk of Prof Dr. Anthony Finkelstein, University College London


This talk will introduce the scientific and engineering challenges of national security,

setting these in a broader strategic context. It will outline how scientists and engineers

can contribute both on the development of capabilities and policy. Some new challenges with

particular relevance to computing will be outlined and illustrated with a more thorough

discussion of ‘privacy enhancing technologies’ a potentially disruptive area for national security.


Anthony Finkelstein is a Professor of Software Engineering at UCL. He was formerly Dean of UCL

Engineering and prior to that Head of Computer Science. He is currently UK Government’s Chief

Scientific Adviser for National Security. Anthony was a founder Director of the Alan Turing

Institute and a member of EPSRC Council. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

and has been awarded a CBE for services to computer science and engineering.


Contact TU Wien: Claudia Habersack, habersack@big.tuwien.ac.at, Tel. +43 1 588 01 – 194 301


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