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Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism

  • 2019-04-04
  • Workshop
  • Event

Digitalisation is permeating all spheres of life - how can we deal with this transformation of our society? Workshop to discuss the challenges and chances.

Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism

Digital transformation of society

Computer Science and its artefacts are major drivers of change. We have witnessed the metamorphosis from the stand-alone computer to the global operating system of our world, a journey leading to yet another industrial revolution: everything is digitised. This digital and global operating system integrates, links, and permeates everything: work, leisure, politics, the personal, the professional, and the private. It influences or even shapes actions on a technical, economic, military and political level.

Democratic approach

Whereas this development opens enormous possibilities for our future, it also raises serious questions and has dramatic downsides, as there are the monopolies in the web or the use of the internet for surveillance. We are at a crossroad for our future - which direction are we to take? How can we manage to put the human at the center and combine technological with social innovation in a democratic process?

Make the digital world more human

The term “digital humanism” refers to the era of the Renaissance. It is supposed not only to give the digital world a human face, but also to initiate a holistic approach integrating different disciplines for new scientific insights. Having invited renowned scientists like Moshe Vardi and other experts from multiple disciplines, we aim at discussing critical thoughts and knowledge, reflecting new developments and looking at the individual as well as society as a whole. Informations and communications technology (ICT) facilitates and drives change, but it also needs rules and guidance, in order to keep technology for people and not the other way round.


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