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2018 GoBoiler Internship Projext List available, Purdue University

  • 2018-02-01
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For the summer of 2018 the GoBoiler internship program targets European undergraduate students with specialization in Computing.

  • All day event.

project list available now!

The deadline for applications is March 18.

Interns will be working closely with a Purdue research team on cutting-edge projects. They will be involved in the day to day life of a research lab and get to take part in all aspects of CS research. They will also enjoy opportunities to socialize with graduate students and explore Indiana in the Summer.

This internship program is designed to strengthen Purdue’s computer science relationships and form new partnerships throughout our global community. An internship brings many benefits: advancement of professional skills, collaborations with top researchers, and exposure to a new language and culture. Everything is done to give students a taste for an international scientific environment and hopefully, they may come back to Purdue to undertake a PhD or postdoctoral research.

To apply, send all of the following materials electronically to grad-info@cs.purdue.edu.



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