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Talk: Language Development with Jetbrains MPS

  • 2019-01-14
  • Research

The Business Informatics Group together with the Faculty of Informatics invites to a talk of Dr. Markus Völter, Independent consultant for language engineering


Jetbrains MPS is an open source language workbench that supports the development

and use of domain-specific languages. What separates MPS from other language development

tools is its support for multiple different notational styles (text, tables, math, diagrams)

and its support for modular language composition. MPS is used in domains such as finance,

healthcare, automotive and aerospace to develop real-world DSLs. This lecture is an introduction

to MPS based on a concrete example DSL. I will demonstrate aspects of the development of two

cooperating languages, a generator to Java, and interpreter directly in the IDE, language

composition by embedding a functional programming language as well as tabular and graphical notations.

The example code is available on github so participants can continue to explore MPS after the lecture:



Markus Voelter works as a language engineer, bridging the gap from industry and business

domains to software systems. He analyses domains, designs languages and analyses, implements

IDEs and architects reliable backends based on interpreters and generators. For 20 years,

Markus has worked in a wide range of industries, including finance, automotive, health, science

and IT. He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, has written

several books and spoken at many industry conferences world-wide. Markus has a diploma in

technical physics from FH Ravensburg-Weingarten and a PhD in computer science from TU Delft.


Contact TU Wien: Claudia Habersack, habersack@big.tuwien.ac.at, Tel. +43 1 588 01 – 194 301


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