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Modeling for Sustainability - Or How to Make Smart CPS Smarter?

  • 2018-05-15
  • Research

Guest talk by Prof. Benoit Combemale (University of Toulouse).

The Business Informatics Group together with the Faculty of Informatics, the Austrian Computer Society, and the Center for Computer Science invites to a talk by Prof. Benoit Combemale (University of Toulouse) on “Modeling for Sustainability - Or How to Make Smart CPS Smarter?”.


Various disciplines use models for different purposes. An engineering model, including a software engineering model, is often developed to guide the construction of a non-existent system. A scientific model is created to better understand an existing phenomenon (i.e., an already existing system or a physical phenomenon). An engineering model may incorporate scientific models to build a smart cyber-physical system (CPS) that require an understanding of the surrounding environment to decide of the relevant adaptation to apply. Sustainability systems, i.e., smart CPS managing resource production, transport and consumption for the sake of sustainability (e.g., smart grid, city, farming system.), are typical examples of smart CPS. Due to the inherent complex nature of sustainability that must delicately balance trade-offs between social, environmental, and economic concerns, modeling challenges abound for both the scientific and engineering disciplines.

In this talk, I will present a vision that promotes a unique approach combining engineering and scientific models to enable informed decision on the basis of open and scientific knowledge, a broader engagement of society for addressing sustainability concerns, and incorporate those decisions in the control loop of smart CPS. I will introduce a research roadmap to support this vision that emphasizes the socio-technical benefits of modeling.


Since September 2017, I am Full Professor of Software Engineering in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès (UT2J), France. I am evolving within the research team SM@RT of the Research Institute in Computer Science of Toulouse (IRIT). I am interested in software engineering, including model driven software engineering (MDE), software language engineering (SLE) and software validation & verification (V&V); mostly in the context of (smart) cyber-physical systems and Internet of things. I am also teaching object-oriented programming, software and systems modeling, MDE, SLE and V&V in the department and worldwide in various engineering schools and universities. Before joining University of Toulouse, I was an Associate Professor at University of Rennes 1 (2009-2017), evolving within the research team DiverSE (formerly Triskell), joint to the IRISA and Inria labs, and teaching in the engineering school ESIR. In 2016, I have been a visiting professor (3 months) at McGill University (Canada), and from 2010 to 2015, I have been also a regular visiting researcher at the Computer Science Department of Colorado State University (USA). I co-authored 3 books, and 100+ journal and conference publications in the fields of MDE, SLE and V&V. I also edited 2 books and various special issues in scientific journals. I am a member of the Steering Committee of the SLE conference, and the Editorial Boards of the international journals SoSyM (Springer), COMLAN (Elsevier), and SCP (Elsevier). I have been the program co-chair of SLE 2014, and general co-chair of MODELS 2016 and SLE 2017. I also used to serve as program committee member for various conferences and workshops in software engineering. I am also very active in setting up and participating to satellite events of flagship conferences, including organizing workshops and panels. I coordinated and participated to many collaborative projects, either directly with industry or in projects funded by the European Union or the French government. I am also a founding member of the GEMOC initiative, an international effort to develop techniques, frameworks, and environments to facilitate the creation, integration, and automated processing of heterogeneous modeling languages.


TU Wien: Tanja Mayerhofer, mayerhofer@big.tuwien.ac.at, Tel. +43 1 588 01 - 188 315


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