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The Future of Computing: "Leaving the Comfort Zone"

  • 2017-12-05
  • Research
  • Security & Privacy
  • Faculty

Videos on Demand: In November 2017, the Faculty organized a lecture and panel discussion on the newest findings and questions in the field of Computing.

Full house in the Faculty
Full house in the Faculty

How do questions of Security and Privacy will shape our relation to technologies like Blockchain and cloud computing? What can we learn from the human body for developing automated systems? Where should we build the data centers of the future?

On November 22, five new professors of the Faculty of Informatics gave insights into their work and discussed together with Hannes Werthner, Dean of the Faculty, the newest findings and trending topics of Computing – from high performance computing and big data to classical and non-classical logics, from security to new computer architecture.

Videos on Demand

Watch a summary of the highlights on our youtube-channel.

The complete event was recorded. The video can be found here

5 new professors at the Faculty of Informatics

The panel discussed how the fields of the new professors will shape the future of Computing. What are the newest research findings and how do they affect society? In the discussion, it came out that interdisciplinarity as well as cooperation within the fields of Informatics need to play an essential role in responding to rapidly evolving technologies. Matteo Maffei suggested to “leave the comfort zone” for collaborating with new partners. “We need human creativity everywhere”, Ivona Brandic stated. The complete lecture and discussion was recorded. The video will be soon published on our youtube channel.

Lecture and panel discussion with

Agata Ciabattoni, Professor for Non-classical Logics in Computer Science Ivona Brandic, Professor for High Performance Computing Systems Laura Kovacs, Professor for Automated Program Reasoning Matteo Maffei, Professor for Security and Privacy Muhammad Shafique, Professor for Computer Architecture and Robust Energy-Efficient Technologies.

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Credit: Jan Gott/Fakultät für Informatik


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