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Considering the Digitalization of the society from a CSCW perspective

  • 2018-01-23
  • Research

Lecture by guest professor Myriam Lewkowicz (Troyes University of Technology / France).

Due to problems with the flight, the talk of Prof. Myriam Lewkowicz, which originally should have taken place on December 6, 2017, was postponed to January 23, 2018.


We are experiencing a digitalization of the society, with its associated buzzwords: digital revolution, industry 4.0, Factories of the Future, BIM (Building Information Modelling), Internet of Things, Big Data… Working within CSCW, we know that these technologies are as situated within everyday material and social contexts as those that already exist or have been used in the past. But these contexts and our capacities to act in them are impacted by digital technologies in various ways (Robertson, Wagner, 2015). In this presentation, we will discuss how considering the digitalization of the society from a CSCW perspective poses some challenges. We will in particular discuss how the methodological and conceptual resources that CSCW has developed to understand the sociotechnical aspects and implications of digital technology design and use can be useful to address these challenges. We will also claim that Europe needs a generation of workers trained within CSCW to be able to conduct in-depth studies of digital technologies in use, and to design them taking into account ethical and political issues.

Robertson, T., & Wagner, I. (2015). CSCW and the Internet of Things. In ECSCW 2015: Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 19-23 September 2015, Oslo, Norway (pp. 285-294). Springer.


Myriam Lewkowicz is Full Professor in Informatics at Troyes University of Technology (France), where she is head of Information System Management teaching branch and Tech-CICO research group (part of UMR CNRS 6281). She is graduated from Univ. Paris 9 Dauphine (Master of Research - 1997) and achieved her PhD at Univ. Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie in 2000 on “Designing Groupware for cooperative Knowledge Management”. She obtained her Habilitation in 2012 at Compiegne University of Technology on “The role of models in designing systems for mediated collective practices - methodological, conceptual and instrumental contributions to an interdisciplinary research in CSCW. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on how to move from understanding ethnographically collaborative innovative practices toward the design of socio-technical solutions. The main application domain of her research for the last 12 years has been healthcare, in particular in the areas of fostering social interactions among people in difficult situations, and supporting new coordination mechanisms within healthcare. She is one of the founders of the ActiveAgeing LivingLab (ENoLL) in UTT. She was the french coordinator of 4 european projects in the “active and healthy ageing” domain (SEACW, FoSIBLE, PaeLife, TOPIC). Myriam Lewkowicz is chair-elect of EUSSET and has served on multiple program committees, including serving as COOP’10 papers co-chair (with Volker Wulf), ECSCW 2013 Work In Progress co-chair (with Tommasso Colombino), scientific co-chair for CHI 2013 and CHI 2014 for the sub-committee “Beyond the Individual” (with Mark Ackerman), ACM GROUP 2014 Working papers co-chair (with Stephan Lukosh and Michael Muller); ACM GROUP 2016 papers co-chair (with Michael Muller), Communities & Technologies 2017 General Chair (with Markus Rohde); ECSCW 2017 Exploratory papers co-chair (with Aleksandra Sarcevic)


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