Anxiety for Health Care Professionals and Empowerment for Patients

  • 2017-11-06
  • Research
  • e-Health

Lunchtime Scientific Series: Åsa Cajander (Uppsala University) will talk about Patients Accessible Electronic Health Records


In Sweden patients can read their electronic health records online including test results, medical history and diagnoses. The launch of this system raised strong concerns among health care professionals who strongly opposed to many of the features in the system. They also had concerns about patients becoming worried, as well as their own work environment. Many patients, however, use the system to understand their condition better, as a memory aid or to prepare for the next visit. In this seminar Åsa Cajander will present research from the DOME consortium that has followed the launch of the system since 2012.


Åsa Cajander is an Associate Professor in Computer Science with the Specialisation Towards Human Computer Interaction at Uppsala University. She is the leader of the Health Technology and Organisations research group, and also the leader of the DOME consortium which is multidisciplinary and consists of researchers from six of Sweden’s universities.

Everyone is welcome and invited to attend the seminar.


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