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Symposium in Memoriam Helmut Veith

  • 2017-10-06
  • Helmuth Veith Stipend

Dedicated to Prof Veith, who tragically passed away in March 2016, the FORSYTE group is organizing a symposium on Logic in Computer Science.

This year’s FMCAD Conference hosts a Symposium in Memoriam Helmut Veith, a brilliant researcher, inspiring collaborator, passionate mentor, generous friend, valued member of our community and FMCAD co-chair in 2016, who tragically passed away in March last year. The Symposium features presentations of invited contributions published in the Special Issue of the journal on Formal Methods in System Design in Memoriam Helmut Veith, covering topics such as model checking, synthesis, distributed algorithms, and security.

LogicLounge on Logic in Computer Science: A Teaching Perspective

The symposium concludes with a LogicLounge on Logic in Computer Science: A Teaching Perspective with Prof. Michael Huth (Imperial) and Prof. Janos Makowsky (Technion), moderated by Laura Kovacs (TU Wien). The LogicLounge honors Prof. Veith’s contribution to the education of numerous young researchers. The event is sponsored by the Vienna Center of Logic and Algorithms and organized by the FORSYTE group. It is dedicated to the memory of Helmut Veith, who was an inspiring researcher, enthusiastic mentor and teacher, and a good friend.

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Helmut Veith (1971-2016) was passionate about improving education in logic and computer science and established a master’s program on Logic and Computation and a doctoral college on Logical Methods in Computer Science at TU Wien. In memoriam the late scholar, Helmut Veith Stipend was brought to life to support female master students. The Helmut Veith Stipend is funded by TU Wien, Wolfang Pauli Institute, and with contributions of family and colleagues of Prof. Helmut Veith. Further information about the stipend can be found here.


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