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Successful "Konferenzschnuppern" in Boston

  • 2017-10-05
  • Award
  • Research

Three researchers of the Algorithms and Complexity group have been awarded at the International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization in Boston.

Theresa Fröschl, Master student in the Algorithms and Complexity group, received a “Konferenzschnuppern” travel grant for female Master students from the Faculty of Informatics to join her advisor Martin Nöllenburg on the conference trip to Boston. They received the Best Poster Award for their joint poster on Minimizing Wiggles in Storyline Visualizations, which is based on Theresa’s ongoing Master’s thesis.

Moreover, Theresa together with her teammates Jonathan Klawitter from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and Darren Strash from Colgate University in the United States won the first prize in the manual category of the Live Challenge of the Graph Drawing Contest 2017 on maximizing the crossing angle in straight-line graph drawings.

Fabian Klute, PhD candidate in the Algorithms and Complexity group, and his colleague Irene Parada from TU Graz received an award in the Graph Drawing Contest for their layout of the Human Metabolism network submitted to the Creative Topics category.


[Text: Martin Nöllenburg]


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