Robots and the Dynamics of Emotions in Teams

  • 2017-03-09
  • Research

Talk by Dr. M. Jung and Dr. S. Shen from the Cornell University. They are renowned HCI researchers and focus on human robot interaction.


Over the last decade the idea that robots could become an integral part of teamwork developed from a promising vision into a reality. Robots support teamwork across a wide range of settings covering search and rescue missions, minimally invasive surgeries, space exploration missions, and manufacturing. Scholars have increasingly explored the ways in which robots influence how work in teams is performed, but that work has primarily focused on task specific aspects of team functioning such as the development of situational awareness, common ground, and task coordination. Robots, however, can affect teamwork not only through the task-specific functions they have been developed to serve but also by affecting a team’s regulation of emotion. In this talk, we present empirical findings that show how theory and methods that were originally developed to understand the role of emotions in marital interactions can help us to not only further our understanding of teamwork but also to inform how we design robots to improve teamwork through their emotion regulatory behavior, and discuss ongoing work that explores ways in which a robot’s behavior shape how humans interact with each other in dyads and in larger groups and teams.


Everyone is welcome and invited to attend the seminar.

This lecture is organized by the Human Computer Interaction Group at the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology.


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