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  • 2016-11-10
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On invitation of the course "Privacy Enhancing Technologies" Bill Binney will hold a "Teach-In"


On invitation of the course “Privacy Enhancing Technologies” Bill Binney will hold a “Teach-In”:

Teach-In Bill Binney: GM Audimax / TU Vienna, Thursday 10.11.2016 from 16:00 to 18:00.

Bill Binney will first give an insight into his work on big data in a teach-in, after which he is happy to discuss algorithms, set-theory and privacy in big data analysis with the students.


Bill Binney, crypto-mathematician, codebreaker, analyst and late Technical Director of the NSA, in the late 1990s developed a ground-breaking non-privacy-invasive surveillance tool that managed to cope with the three biggest challenges of the digital age: the volume, velocity and variety of data - big data, as it has become the buzz-word - all based on metadata-analysis.

Film screening

Austrian filmmaker Friedrich Moser’s feature documentary A GOOD AMERICAN tells the story of that program, code-named ThinThread.

Screening: Thursday 10.11.2016 Village Cinemas, 10:00

International voices about the film:

“Fascinating!” - The Guardian “Stunning and deeply disturbing!” - Newsweek “Powerful film - a prequel to SNOWDEN” - Oliver Stone “So grandios wie schockierend - einer der wichtigsten Filme des Jahres!”

  • 3sat Kulturzeit “If you do one thing this month… you should go to watch docu-thriller A GOOD AMERICAN!” - Tech/New Statesman

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