Start Local, Go Global

  • 2016-06-08
  • i2c

Success Factors for Expanding Your Business Internationally


How are traditional IT providers and established organizations with an extensive, legacy technology infrastructure facing digitalization? How can they comply the requests of the new generation of customers when their IT environments aren’t flexible enough? Stefan Ebner and his team developed a revolutionary solution to meet this challenge: tribefire - a Digital Transformation Platform, designed for the third era of enterprise IT - to capitalize on Big Data, Cloud and Mobility. tribefire is Braintribe’s latest product. Stefan founded Braintribe, a global innovative software vendor, in 2005 and expanded it internationally, having main offices in Vienna, London, Zurich and Bangalore. In his talk, Stefan Ebner will talk about how he created a global company from scratch that enables enterprises to open up opportunities and become the disrupters, not the disrupted.


Always an entrepreneur, Stefan Ebner founded his first IT company as an university student. After years of research, his company’s innovation ventures resulted in tribefire, the Data Agility & Digitalization Platform, launched October 2013. With the motto “the courage of being different”, Stefan strives to create a cultural and social impact through the other brands under the Braintribe umbrella (Braintribe Culture and Chaya Fuera).


This speaker series is brought to you by the TUW Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center/Informatics Innovation Center- i²c together with the Vienna Business Agency. For better planning, registration is required on the website.



  • i²c, Informatics Innovation Center

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