Preparing Next Generation of Software Engineers

  • 2015-10-14
  • Research

As a global community we are facing number of existential challenges.


As a global community we are facing number of existential challenges like global warming, deficit of basic commodities, environmental degradation and other threats to life on earth, as well as possible unintended consequences of AI, nano-technology, biotechnology, and similar. Among world-wide responses to those challenges the framework programme for European research and technological development, Horizon 2020, have formulated the Science with and for Society Work Programme, based on Responsible Research and Innovation with a goal to support research contributing to the progress of humanity and preventing catastrophic events and their consequences. This goal may only be reached if we educate responsible researchers and engineers with both deep technical knowledge and broad disciplinary and social competence. From the perspective of experiences at two Swedish Universities, this paper argues for the benefits of teaching professional ethics and sustainable development to engineering students.


Gordana Dodig Crnkovic is an Associate Professor at the Department of Applied IT, Division of Cognitive Science and Communication at the University of Gothenburg and a Professor of Computer Science at School of Innovation, Design and Engineering at Mälardalen University. She is also vice-head of doctoral education at the Department of Applied IT. Her research centres around Computing Paradigms, Computational Mechanisms of Cognition, and more specifically related to this seminar Theory of Science/ Philosophy of Science, Epistemology of Science, Computing and Philosophy (Especially Info-computationalism) and Ethics.


This lecture is organized by the Human Computer Interaction Group at the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology.


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