A new approach to intrusion detection and prevention

  • 2015-03-17
  • Research

Reactive security controls are no longer able to defend your organization against the polymorphic and complex attacks we face today.


Reactive security controls, such as traditional intrusion protection and prevention technologies, are no longer able to defend your organization against the polymorphic and complex attacks we face today. Instead, organizations must take a new approach to intrusion threats: rapid identification, analysis and response. This session shows how monitoring technologies, leading-edge analysis capabilities, intelligence sharing and incident management capabilities can be brought together to realize this new approach. We’ll describe the kind of information that enterprises should collect across their physical and virtual infrastructures, the kind of analysis to perform and the understanding of risk that is needed to deliver the visibility, analysis, and action that is needed for effective security in today’s world.


Dr. Robert W. Griffin is Chief Security Architect at RSA, the Security Division of EMC, where he is responsible for technical architecture and standards. He is particularly active in RSA’s initiatives to address the challenges of new threats and new models for IT.. This includes such areas as security architectures for cloud computing, embedded security capabilities for virtualized infrastructure, security strategies for big data and the application of game theory to cybersecurity. He represents EMC in several standards organizations, including as co-chair of the PKCS 11 Technical Committees and is the Science and Technology Manager for a major European Smart Grid research project. Mr. Griffin has 30 years of experience in identity management, security strategy, corporate governance, business process transformation and software development.


This talk is organized by the Automation Systems Group at the Institute of Computer Aided Automation and the AIT Safety and Security Department.


  • Robert W. Griffin, Chief Security Architect, RSA, the Security Division of EMC

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