TU Wien Informatics

Knowledge Transfer

In a very broad range of activities we support mutually beneficial collaborations between businesses, the public sector, and us.

Our Motivation

Making the Most of Research

It’s all about the transfer of tangible and intellectual property, expertise, learning and skills between academia and the non-academic community. It’s also well recognised by government and funders as an important return on Austria’s investment in academic research, one that provides a significant driving force for enhancing economic growth and societal wellbeing. For academics, knowledge transfer can be a way of gaining new perspectives on possible directions and approaches for research. This two-way exchange element of knowledge transfer is at the heart of successful and sustainable collaboration.

Our Activities

R & D Cooperations

We engage in projects and research frameworks that bring together excellent national and international researchers. This is a powerful means of creating opportunities for innovative knowledge exchange. At TU Wien Informatics, examples include our highly successful Christian Doppler Laboratories, Laura Bassi Centers for Expertise, and Centers of Competence. We are also part of a National Research Network on the topic of Rigorous Systems Engineering.

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Bringing research outputs to market through the formation of a new business, or spin-off, can be particularly appropriate when the application represents a disruption to the current market or sector, or where there isn’t any obvious external partner to whom the idea could be licensed. At TU Wien Informatics, we collaborate with TU Wien’s Innovation Incubation Center (i2c), which helps TU Wien scientists and students to either bring disruptive research or promising early-stage projects to market.

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Partnerships with Industry

In numerous scientific projects we collaborate with national and international partners from industry and economy—ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations such as Siemens, Bosch, Frequentis, or Infineon. These projects are dedicated to a wide variety of topics and create innovative knowledge. Companies commission our research units or institutes with the scientific solution of practical and application-specific problems.

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Sponsored Theses

Companies can commission individual research projects on an informatics-related issue. This typically takes an in-depth look at a defined research area and results in a substantial report with both extensive research and analysis, and practical conclusions. Students who write a sponsored thesis are provided with a contact person in a business enterprise and a university supervisor.

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