TU Wien Informatics

International Advisory Board

Formed in 2016, our International Advisory Board (IAB) reviews performance and offers guidance to influence and shape the strategy of TU Wien Informatics.

Our International Adivsory Board: Hans Akkermans, Edward Lee, Naia Magnenat-Thalmann, Carlo Ghezzi and Moshe Vardi (with Hannes Werthner, right, Gerti Kappel, center, and Uwe Egly, left). © TU Wien

Functions of the IAB

The experience and expertise of our IAB members reflect our international aspirations and our desire to provide students with an inspiring and world class learning experience. Board members volunteer their time to support our projects and initiatives. The Board meets once a year with individual members engaged in School activities between meetings. The Members give advice and assist the Dean and the Faculty on areas such as:

  1. Developing the faculty’s goals of leadership in research and learning, and to enhance the student experience.
  2. Developing an international and national presence within networks of practice.
  3. New ideas and developments, acting as a sounding board and constructively challenging assumptions and the operating routines of the Faculty where appropriate.