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The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) is an initiative of TU Wien. Located at the Faculty of Informatics, the center is promoting international scientific collaboration in logic and algorithms. Moreover, the VCLA outreach activities are aimed towards raising aspirations of young people for academic pursuits and to raise awareness on the impact of the research done in the areas of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence among the general public alike. The annual reports offer a detailed overview of all VCLA activities.

VCLA was founded in 2011 by professors Stefan Szeider and Helmut Veith (1971-2016). The VCLA is chaired by Prof. Agata Ciabattoni and Prof. Stefan Szeider and hosted by the following six research groups, and researchers who are also faculty of the FWF funded doctoral college Logical Methods in Computer Science (LogiCS) run jointly by TU Wien, JKU Linz, and TU Graz.

Actions We Take

In the last two decades the researchers have achieved a particularly good international visibility in the areas such as “Computational Logic”, especially proof theory, complexity theory, and automatic reasoning; application of logic to “Databases and Artificial Intelligence”; and in “Computer Aided Verification” or “Model Checking”, where computer programs are used to examine algorithms for errors. Especially in the growing field of Artificial Intelligence, we see increasing use of the methods of logic. However, the mathematical methods of formal logic are being also applied in the fields such as verification, databases, distributed and cyber-physical systems and information security. For technical informatics and in software engineering, logic is playing an increasingly important role.

International Capacity Building

Due to the extraordinary nature of basic research in the field of logic and algorithms, the VCLA is fostering international scientific cooperation by organizing or supporting international conferences, workshops, summer and winter schools, and VCLA Fellowship program.

Nurturing Talents

The VCLA is fostering recruitment, retainment and progression of bachelor, master, and doctoral students and Alumni networks in the fields of logic and algorithms internationally. Furthermore, VCLA is organizing activities and offers financial support for retention and promotion of female students and women in logic.

Science Communication

VCLA is raising awareness on the state of the art of the research the areas of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence and its complex relationship with the society.

  • Social media constitute an important medium for disseminating information. To achieve the spillover effect of the knowledge accumulated within the VCLA constituting research groups, and to connect their members with the network of stakeholders and the general public, VCLA is consolidating its presence within the digital community.
  • The LogicLounge series of public discussion features one-hour discussions with eminent scientists from the fields of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

Computational Thinking

Increasing digitization in all areas, which is crucial for innovation, growth, employment, and competitiveness, requires new digital skills. The demand for new skills requires a transformation of education and learning. Schools can no longer be seen as isolated learning environments. The VCLA fosters the synergies between the formal, non-formal and informal learning opportunities in the field of logic and algorithms by providing open source material to teachers, as well as to pupils and students.