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Atakan Aral

Projektass.(FWF) Dott.mag. / PhD

Research Focus

Research Areas

  • Cloud Computing, Edge Data Analytics, Edge Computing, Resource Allocation, Intercloud, Distributed Systems, Fault Tolerance
Atakan Aral


Dr. Atakan Aral is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Information Systems Engineering, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Before joining TU Wien in October 2016, he was a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) for five years. Dr. Aral received a dual MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (2011) and ITU (2012), and a PhD degree in Computer Engineering from ITU (2016). He participated in several research projects funded by organizations such as the European Research Council (ERC), Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), and Austrian Science Fund (FWF). 

Dr. Aral served on the Organizing Committee of IFIP/IEEE NOMS 2016 and as a TPC member in several leading conferences in his area including IEEE SERVICES and IFIP/IEEE IM. He was awarded six scholarships from institutions including Italian and Turkish governments for his academic success and is a co-author of the Best Student Paper at CLOSER 2018 as well as a Best Paper Candidate at ICFC 2019. His research interests center around resource management for distributed and virtualized computing architectures, failure resilience techniques for unreliable Edge resources, and distributed/federated machine learning systems that exploit Edge computing.


  • Fuzzy Handoff Control in Edge Offloading
    2019 / Best Paper Candidate / Czech Republic
  • Scheduling Latency-Sensitive Applications in Edge Computing
    2018 / Best Student Paper / Portugal
  • A Decentralized Replica Placement Algorithm for Edge Computing
    2018 / Incentive Program for International Scientific Publications / Turkey
  • Modeling and Optimization of Resource Allocation in Distributed Clouds
    2016 / Travel Grant / Germany
  • Network-aware embedding of virtual machine clusters onto federated cloud infrastructure
    2016 / Incentive Program for International Scientific Publications / Turkey
  • Modeling and Optimization of Resource Allocation in Cloud Systems
    2014 / Doctoral Incentive Award / Scientific Research Projects / Turkey
  • Resource Mapping Optimization For Distributed Cloud Services
    2012 / Graduate Scholarship / Turkey
  • N/A
    2012 / Leaders of Technology Graduate Scholarship / Turkey
  • N/A
    2010 / Diritto allo Studio Universitario / Italy
  • N/A
    2009 / Double Degree MSc Student / France
  • N/A
    2005 / Premiership Scholarship / Turkey
  • N/A
    2005 / ARI Highest Success Awards / Turkey

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