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We tell stories to a diverse set of audiences, bring our exceptional faculty front and center, and engage with the media. (And we throw big events, too!)

We Tell Stories

At the office of Communications, we seek to inform and engage with TU Wien Informatics’ internal and external partners. We bring our stories to a wide audience and help attract exceptional talents by enhancing our international visibility. Through our website, social media channels, events, media relations and other tools, we strengthen the bond between TU Wien Informatics and our stakeholders, but also create new connections which lead to new collaborations.

We Engage With Audiences

As a university department, we interact with many different audiences—students, faculty, industry, government, the general public, to name but a few. We use different channels to communicate with our diverse stakeholders. We are continuously exploring new and better methods to spark connections within TU Wien Informatics and between TU Wien Informatics and the world.

We Put People First

We use our channels to put our exceptional faculty into the public eye. We put people and their stories front and center and connect them with others. At TU Wien Informatics, science has a face. Well, actually 426 faces.

We Throw Events

From the Vienna Gödel Lecture to the biannual display of excellence that is the Epilog to faculty parties, we organise, advertise, and carry out the big events at TU Wien Informatics. We also support our research groups, institutes, and other units in their event management.

We Develop Services

We wouldn’t be a proper faculty of informatics if we didn’t explore new ways to digitally transform internal and external services using new ideas and methods. Introducing new and efficient tools at TU Wien Informatics, we seek to level up the quality and usability of core services.

We Design Identity

What began with the relaunch of our website has grown into a completely redesigned corporate identity. It reflects our understanding of university: Open, international, engaging, human and striving for excellence. Today, every artifact—be it printed matter or digital screen ads—delivers our highly recognizable yet reduced corporate identity.

Stefanie Madsen
Stefanie Madsen S. Madsen

Office Services

Claudia Vitt
Claudia Vitt C. Vitt

Office Services

Martin Wagner
Martin Wagner M. Wagner

Head of Service Group

Peter Pahs
Peter Pahs P. Pahs

Student Staff