TU Wien Informatics

Abenteuer Informatik

Opened in 2019, our permanent exhibition introduces kids to the amazing adventure that is Informatics. Through entertaining puzzles, magical tricks, and group activities, they experience first-hand the fundamental principles of our discipline.


“Abenteuer Informatik” is a highlight among our initiatives: It is Austria’s first and only permanent service for schools, kids, and teachers to introduce young people to the exciting world of Informatics. With this interactive exhibition, we intend to foster prospective students, scientists, and enthusiasts. Since the exhibition occupies the entire foyer of our main building Favoritenstraße 9-11, visitors become a part of our daily life at TU Wien Informatics and experience the daily activities at a university.


In workshops for pupils of all types of schools (5th grade and higher) they embark on an exciting journey and discover didactically prepared topics of Informatics. They will be inspired by trained student guides to experiment and play.

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